THE DARK ROOM (November 2011)

"Though I have no doubt you have suffered the worst, To give up the ghost, you must have one first..."

By S.R. Kriger | Directed by Liz Bragg.

November 3-13 2011 (It’s a wrap).

“…Though I have no doubt you have suffered the worst, To give up the ghost, you must have one first.”
S. R. Kriger’s award-winning play features eight captivating tales of ghosts and spirits. From the ancient Greek underworld, to the battlements of Elsinore, to the set of a demented game show, The Dark Room invites us to explore what we hope, fear, and dream might return from beyond the grave.

THE DARK ROOM is the first show of the 2011-12 Season: Don’t Fear the Reaper.


“…the show is pretty impressive.”

“…overall Ms. Bragg has her cast sprint across a vast amount of theatrical terrain, in terms of style, without any stumbles.”

“…technically the show is pulled off seamlessly…”

“Also, it includes a very cool three-headed dog puppet.”

Mooney on Theatre
Review: The Dark Room (Socratic Theatre Collective) | By Adam Collier



A ghost by itself is boring. No one wants to hear of the centuries the wailing woman in white wanders castle ruins alone or the thousands of times the dead hitchhiker lifts his thumb in vain by the side of the highway. What matters are their intersections, however brief, with the world of the living.

Life makes things matter. Death – ghosts – are important only because they remind us to take notice of what matters. We all wander with green ribbons around our necks, but there are better things to dwell on than the itch of cloth on skin. Though otherwise the scenes you’re about to see have nothing in common, this is the theme they share.

S. R. Kriger
S. R. Kriger

Cast & Crew

  • Dave Heppenstall
  • Lucas James
  • Margaret Legere
  • Amanda O’Halloran
  • Laura Vincent
  • Director
    Liz Bragg
  • Stage Manager
    Diana McCallum
  • Assistant Stage Manager
    S. R. Kriger
  • Original Music
    Michael DeCillis
  • Choreography
    Margaret Legere
  • Sound Mixing
    S. R. Kriger
  • Puppet Design and Construction
    Liz Bragg, Natalie Girard, Dave Heppenstall,
    Lucas James, S. R. Kriger, Amanda O’Halloran
  • Graphic Design
    Jonathan East
  • Programme Design
    Dave Heppenstall
  • Photography
    Jonathan East
  • Box Office
    Vanessa Graymason, Ryan Marotta


  • Luis Fernandes and Unit 102
  • Conall Bolger
  • Sarah Bragg-Bolger
  • Barry Bragg
  • Angela Hevey
  • Daniel David Moses
  • Phil Brown
  • Kristen Shamess
  • Basia Milczarek
  • Debra Kriger


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