ISMENE (May 2011)

"...we have finally chosen to be our own masters and slaves to no one."

By Jeremy Menekseoglu.
Directed by Liz Bragg.

May 11-21 2011 (It’s a wrap).

“…we have finally chosen to be our own masters and slaves to no one.”

Ismene, daughter of Oedipus and sister of Antigone, is sent to the school for unruly girls after her sister’s rebellion. But outside this strange haven, the Chorus calls for her family’s tragedy to be completed, while inside she meets other victims of tragedy and fate.

Jeremy Menekseoglu’s skilful blend of Greek mythology, dark humour, and good old-fashioned feminism creates a cry of defiance against victimization and helplessness.

ISMENE is the second show of the 2010-11 Season: Women, Power and Tragedy.

“…very engaging as we follow the cast in a moving production.”

“I must commend Laura Vincent for her standout performance as the precocious Erin. With a commanding stage presence and flawless comedic timing, Vincent is one of the most versatile and entertaining young female actors I have seen in Toronto.”

“…shows the potential of a young theatre company that will surely keep surprising us in the future.”

3/5 Stars
 – Theatromania
The Ismene Project: unruly girls unite for a good cause



Socratic Theatre’s Ismene is produced as part of The Ismene Project, an international initiative to raise funds for breast cancer research.

The Ismene Project was created by Dr. Ruth Pe Palileo as an international initiative to raise money for breast cancer support organizations. The structure of the project is simple: female directors in cities across North America and Ireland will direct Jeremy Menekseoglu’s Ismene simultaneously in May 2011. The proceeds for two performances will be donated to a breast cancer support organization of the company’s choosing; one performance will be on May 11, the designated Ismene Day.

“On the day my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2010, I counted on my fingers the number of women in my life who were fighting breast cancer. I ran out of fingers. I would’ve been discouraged but thankfully, I was reading Ismene – a play by Jeremy Menekseoglu about women fighting Fate for their lives.

“The play, Ismene, is about five girls from mythology who are sent to the Arktoi School for Unruly Girls in order to numbly await Fate. More importantly, Ismene tells the story of how and why these girls decide to fight back instead of accepting what they were supposedly Fated to accept.” – Ruth Pe Palileo, Ph.D

Liz Bragg
Liz Bragg
Artistic Director


Gilda's ClubSocratic Theatre Collective is proud to support Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto with our production of Ismene. The proceeds for two performances will go directly to Gilda’s Club.

Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto is a place where men, women, teens and children with cancer – along with their families and friends – can join with others to build social and emotional support as a supplement to medical care. Gilda’s Club also welcomes long-term cancer survivors and those who have lost someone to cancer.

Free of charge, Gilda’s Club offers support and networking groups, lectures, workshops and social activities in a non-institutional, homelike setting. Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto is the forefront in providing member centered care. Our customized membership plans are specifically designed to meet the on-going needs of each child or adult.

Cast & Crew

  • Erin Hamilton
  • Laura Vincent
  • Anne Wagner
  • Melody Schaal
  • Mercy Cherian
  • Lucas James
  • Director
    Liz Bragg
  • Stage Manager
    Amanda O’Halloran
  • Assistant Stage Manager
    S. R. Kriger
  • Costume Supervisor
    Milene Sousa
  • Set Design
    S. R. Kriger
  • Set Construction
    Reid Brennan
  • Technical Director
    Dave Heppenstall
  • Sound Mixing
    Jonathan East
  • Photography
    Juliana Brown
  • Axe Design & Construction
    Anibal Davila
  • Tapestry Design
    Laura Vincent


  • Chamberlain, USA: Chamberlain High School, directed by Trisha Burke
  • Chicago, USA: Dream Theatre Company, directed by Anna Weiler Menekseoglu
  • Dublin, Ireland: TattleTale Theatre Company, directed by Amy Flood and Aislinn ni Uallachain
  • Las Vegas, USA: Pintig Theatre Co., directed by Ruth Pe Palileo
  • Los Angeles, USA: an independent production, directed by Heather Chamberlain
  • St John’s, Canada: Rabbittown Theatre Company Inc., directed by Sharon King-Campbell
  • Toronto, Canada: Socratic Theatre Collective, directed by Liz Bragg


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